in the WORLD

Wher's Roccastrada?


If you are roccastradino and loves your Fen but six in the diaspora of the world you can contact us to this EMAIL in order to signal your presence, in order introduces us yours re-enters to your country of origin, in order to render us partecipe of your life, of your activity, you will come therefore informed on the main initiatives of the Association roccastradini in the world and above all you will be connected with the circuit of the roccastradini doc all over the world (close you is even qualcun other "outside native land" but you do not know it) and always will be connected with your Roccastrada that yours waits for always re-enters with passion and love fraterno. Promotor committee.


The Association is in phase of constitution and this Internet page represents invites turned is to roccastradini doc outside the native land is to the foreign nationals who are becoming roccastradini doc. I invite is aimed at the creation of a loyal society that aids integration between cultures and various humanities are to Roccastrada that in the world, joined from an only attempt: to improve the civil cohabitation. To enroll itself is therefore the first step in order to fiercely upgrade a work group for the defense of more the weak people in native land and to the foreign country and for being finally and "city for a united world".

SECTION "roccastradini from the world"

The Association - roccastradini in the world - is articulated in the section "roccastradini from the world" constituted from the naturalizzati ones roccastradini that is the foreign citizens who have acquired the Italian citizenship and the residence to Roccastrada. If six Italian in order not to enroll to you contacts us to this email   Not you are roccastradino doc and you are or you feel one foreign to Roccastrada? Then this is your section. It makes to know who are us, what you make, as it finds to you, that needs you have. Not to remain isolated the association grows with you, with your human contribution, your traditions, your experience, your culture.